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Giant Pass The Pigs - The Ultimate Party Animals

Giant Pass The Pigs - The Ultimate Party Animals

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The classic party game Pass The Pigs goes Super-Size. Perfect for parties, these giant inflatable pigs can bounce around the garden, house, beach or even the pool. It’s Pass The Pigs like you’ve never passed them before!

Inflate your pair of porkers, throw them and see how they land. Will you get a Leaning Jowler, a Mixed Combo or will you Pig Out?

The Original Party Animals – the classic family and travel game for pig lovers everywhere
Be the first to 100 points by throwing your pigs and seeing how they land
Will you get a Leaning Jowler? A Double Snouter? Or maybe the infamous Piggy Back?

Giant Pass the Pigs Dice Game contains a rulebook, scorecards, 2 pencils, 2 inflatable pigs, string bag, plastic deflation rod and a vinyl plastic repair seal
This truly addictive game is easy-to-carry and can be played at home and outdoors

    The Sider - 1 Point

    If both pigs land on their same sides, it's a Sider. A single pig on it's side is worth nothing.

    Razorback - 5 Points

    If a pig lands on its back with its legs in the air, it's a Razorback.

    Trotter - 5 Points

    If a pig lands on all four legs, it's a Trotter.

    Snouter - 10 Points

    If the pig lands on its nose and front trotters, it's called a Snouter.

    Leaning Jowler - 15 Points

    Nose, trotter and ear to the ground means it's a Leaning Jowler.

    The Rumper - 15 Points

    If your pig lands on its backside with its nose in the air, you've got yourself a Rumper.

    Double Razorback - 20 Points

    Eight legs up means twenty points.

    Double Trotter - 20 Points

    Two pigs on all fours means big points

    Double Rumper - 30 Points

    Some people might call this a bum deal but not in Pass the Pigs.

    Double Snouter - 40 Points

    40 points not to be sniffed at.

    Double Jowler - 60 Points

    Big, big points if you get a Double Leaning Jowler.

    Mixed Combo - Add Points

    A mixed combo is any combination of Trotter, Snouter and Leaning Jowler. Add your point to get your score.

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