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How exciting it is to see the shiny red fire engine, all polished and ready for action. This big floor puzzle measures approximately 53cms x 42cms when completed, and it has just 20 large, chunky pieces, ideal for little hands. Children love the bright, bold colours and the unusual shape. As well as being fun to put together, there is so much in the picture to stimulate conversation, both before starting the puzzle and when it has been completed. To begin with, you can ask your child to find particular pieces: a piece with a traffic cone on it, a piece with a wheel, a piece with someone waving, a piece with a wheel on it. Then, when the puzzle has been completed, you can talk about what is going on in the finished picture. How many hoses are there on the back of the engine, and why does one appear longer than the others? Why are there blue lights on top of the cab? What colour are the stripes on the side of the engine? Why are there shiny stripes on the firemen's clothes? Talking about the picture helps expand your child's vocabulary, as well as helping to stimulate hand-eye co-ordination. The puzzle is made from sturdy recycled card that will withstand plenty of play over the years.


Big Fire Engine Jigsaw Puzzle

A 20-piece fire engine floor puzzle.

  • 20 piece shaped puzzle
  • Chunky pieces for little hands
  • Suitable for ages 3-6


Watch the cheerful fire fighters getting ready for action by piecing together this big red fire engine!

Big Fire Engine includes a fun learning guide on the back of the box, which features different discussion points to talk about once the puzzle has been completed. This includes questions to encourage observation, reinforce counting skills and develop knowledge of the world e.g. Can you see something that is round? Why do you think the fire engine has ladders?