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All aboard the bright, shiny red Big Bus, full of interesting passengers. This large, shaped floor puzzle has just 15 big, chunky pieces, making it an ideal puzzle for very young children with little fingers. Children will love the bold colours and detailed illustration, and will find plenty to talk about. An activity guide on the box will suggest several ways to increase the play value of the puzzle; you can start by asking your child to find a piece with a number on, a piece with an animal on, or a piece showing a baby. Once the puzzle is complete, there are lots of things to promote conversation; how many female passengers are there? What could the girl outside the bus have in her case? What could the driver be saying to the elderly lady? Children will love to talk about the different characters on the bus and what they are doing. The puzzle is particularly suitable for children aged from 2 to 5, and as well as helping their talking skills, it will help with hand-eye co-ordination. The finished size is approximately 59cms x 42cms, so all the details in the illustration can be clearly seen. A popular puzzle that will become a firm favourite.


Big Red Bus

All aboard this big red bus! A bright and colourful puzzle with lots of interesting passengers to observe and talk about.

Educational Benefits

Encourages Discussion

Big Red Bus includes a fun learning guide on the back of the box. This includes questions to encourage observation, develop counting and discuss position e.g. How many wheels can you see? Who is getting off the bus?

Develops Hand Eye Coordination

As children grip pieces and complete the puzzle to replicate what's the image on the box they are developing their hand eye coordination skills.

Encourages Observation Skills

There's lots to see on this colourful bus - can you spot what's in the shopping basket? And can you find the dog?