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Pass the Pigs - Pig Party Edition

Pass the Pigs - Pig Party Edition

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Pass the Pigs - Pig Party

More pigs, more points, more fun!

If you’re familiar with Pass the Pigs, the classic push-your-luck 'dice' game, then you know all about rolling plastic pigs in pursuit of 100 points. Pass the Pigs: Pig Party takes that formula and stretches it to the max, providing some fun moments along the way.

  • The Original Party Animals – the classic family and travel game for pig lovers everywhere
  • Be the first to 100 points by throwing your pigs and seeing how they land
  • Will you get a Leaning Jowler? A Double Snouter? Or maybe the infamous Piggy Back?
  • Pass the Pigs Party edition contains 8 pig dice, 30 cards, carrying case and instructions
  • This truly addictive game is easy-to-carry and ready to be played on-the-go or at home
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