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SUPERTHINGS Secret Spies - Blister4 Secret Hideout

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The Hideout blister is a new accessory Secret Spies. The hideouts are lairs with a secret code that allows entry. Discover the new Secret Spies kit's with their silver and gold captains and the 12 secret spies in two different colours. To find out if the secret spies are heroes or villains, put new figures in hot water and their eyes will change colour: yellow for villains and white for heroes. In the new Secret Spies one can find the new ultra-rare: Oculus Max that changes colour when dip it in hot water. SuperThings are everyday objects transformed into superheroes and supervillains, the fun is guaranteed. Every SuperThing figure has it's rival, find the rival pairs and form SuperTeams. These fun figures are ideal for developing children's creativity through imaginative play as well as promoting socialization.