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A family of toy makers since 1946

We are a family of toymakers since 1946 and we are very proud of our history. Casdon Ltd (formerly Cassidy Brothers plc) was founded in 1945 by Thomas Cassidy, a talented toolmaker with an ambition to start his own toy business. He is our Grandfather and founded the company just after the second world war. His brother Joe Cassidy, joined him soon afterwards, hence the first business name “Cassidy Brothers”. Together, they were a great “Toy Making” force and built the business up over many decades. Our father, Paul, then continued the fine family tradition of bringing a smile to the faces of generations of children! Phil and Peter Cassidy now run the company & proudly continue all of their legacies.

Our ethos has always been top quality products at an affordable price. Casdon has been renowned for toy innovation for over 75 years and has an unrivalled reputation as a developer of toy replicas, with some of the most prestigious domestic appliance products on the market. Our Dyson Vacuum replicas are the most notable. Our more recent strengths have been developing OEM ranges for many major retailers worldwide.

Role play toys need to be fun, but they also have a role to playing how children discover, learn and develop. That’s what our Grandfather and father both recognised, and we celebrate their legacy today with every new toy we introduce.