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Big Tractor

Big Tractor

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Big Tractor Jigsaw Puzzle

A tractor jigsaw puzzle.

  • 25 piece shaped puzzle
  • Includes talkabout guide
  • Suitable for ages 3-6


Little hands will enjoy putting together the chunky, wipe-clean pieces to get this shiny red tractor chugging around the farm!

Big Tractor includes a fun learning guide on the back of the box, which features different discussion points to talk about once the puzzle has been completed. This includes questions to encourage observation, develop counting from 1-12 and discuss position e.g. What colours can you see on the tractor? Can you count 12 apples?


Most children, especially little boys, love big, shiny vehicles, and this bright red tractor chugging around the farm is sure to be popular. It has huge, chunky wheels, and the friendly driver is waving cheerfully from his cab, alongside his friendly sheepdog. Cows and sheep look on from the fields. This puzzle is perfect for very young children, as it has only 25 large, chunky pieces. It is printed on thick, durable card and has a wipe-clean surface, so it will withstand plenty of wear and tear. It is a shaped puzzle, rather than rectangular, and the finished puzzle is approximately 62cms x 41cms, making it perfect for completing on the floor. There is an activity guide printed on the box, which gives additional ideas to enhance the play value of the puzzle. You can start by asking your child to look for pieces with a particular object or colour on; once completed, you can discuss the picture together - why does the tractor have such big tyres? How many animals can you see? Which animal is in front of the fence? What colour is the farmer's jumper? You could also play 'I Spy', looking for 'an animal beginning with c', or 'something green'. As well as being a fun puzzle to complete, children will be enhancing their literacy skills by talking about the picture.

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