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Cluedo - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Cluedo - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Welcome to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory CLUEDO! Meet your favourite characters from Roald Dahl's much loved story as you try to discover who ruined the sweet recipe! Play with six suspects and bespoke sweet tokens, including: Mint Jujube, Square Sweet That Looks Round, Wonka's Fudgemallow Delight, Toffee Apple, Fizzy Lifting Drink and Marshmallow pillow. This classic CLUEDO with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory twist needs you to discover the secrets of Wonka's Factory - Who? What? And Where?

How to Play

Read out the mystery then separate the Rumour cards into suspects, weapons and locations.

Secretly take one card from each pile and place them into the murder envelope. Put the envelope off to the side.

To win the game find out these three things – WHO did it, WHAT weapon was used and WHERE the incident took place.

On your turn roll both dice and see where your roll takes you.

If you move to a location other than the room you started play from, make your suggestion of a suspect, a weapon and the location you are in.

If a player has one of the Rumour cards you called they show it ONLY to you – if they have more than one card they choose which card to show.

Name the suspect, weapon and location if you think you are correct.

Now secretly look at the cards in the envelope, if your accusation is right you win the game BUT if your accusation is wrong you are eliminated from the game. You must still show cards to help other players.

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